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Screen-exclamationBusinesses face a huge data risks and fraud. These risks include hacking of personal information, financial accounts, credit card information, and other sensitive data. Safeguard your business from these risks by using a password manager for generating strong passwords. Make sure that these passwords are kept safely at all times.

Perform encrypting procedures such as two-step verification that requires anyone to type the password twice or more, or ask for a verification code before accessing an account. All business personnel must be warned about phishing attacks, links and malware from unsolicited emails, and attempts to access company information. Lastly, use VPN keep sensitive information from untrusted users.

Source: IT Portal

Screen-exclamationAccording to TeamsID, the team that helps online users manage their passwords, 98% of hacked accounts use worst passwords. Here are ways to create stronger passwords for a secured online account.

Avoid using obvious and easy passwords such as ‘qwerty’, ‘passphrase’ ‘1234’ and the like of those combinations. The team also discourages people from using names and places that anyone can see from your social media accounts. Create strong passwords by using combinations of random things. Do not use patterns. You can also think of words that do not exist to be your password. Lastly, use password managers for a system-generated characters.

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Computer-ErrorHow do you keep yourself safe online? One is to use strong passwords, something to prevent you from experiencing any hacking incident. Each account should have a different password, but avoid settling for weak, easy-to-guess ones.  Activate two-factor authentication if it is offered. In this case, a cyber criminal will not be able to get into your account unless they can get their hand on your Smartphone.  Two, choose a cloud service to protect your data better. Read the full list of tips from the source.

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computer2The best plan for keeping your identity safe is through choosing strong and unique passwords for every service you use, according to news published at Mac World. About 95 percent of family members are using weak and identifiable passwords, including 123456 or their pet’s name or child’s name.  Some people only use crackable replacements to letters including the use of “@” for words such as passwords.  Sources say that if your relatives were using weak passwords, you may want to drag them to keeping their future safe with strong passwords.

Source: Mac World

security1David Emm of Kaspersky, one of the largest security laboratories in the world shared tips on how to be protected in the midst of security breaches today. Securing your router and having it privately protected is a key tip. Create your own a secured username and password – not the manufacturer’s default. SSID must be switched off immediately to avoid other devices from seeing your router.

It is important to have security software – because it is safe for your device and connectivity. Remember: most hacked accounts are those users who tap public and non-safe Wi-Fi connections. Lastly, use stronger passwords and keep it safe.

Source: breakingnews.ie

Screen-exclamationWith numerous online accounts, many users opt to recycling passwords – a practice that does not make online information safe from hackers and other online criminals. But there are tips that one can utilize to stay safe online. First, one must identify what information he needs to protect such as Google inbox where pertinent information is usually stored. One must prioritize the site he logs into and use the uncrackable passwords to those with most important information. There are also data-syncing applications that offer two-step verification processes. If you are using dozens of passwords, you can opt to make the device remember your passwords. Still, staying smart is the best tool.

Source: radio.wpsu.org

globe2The convenient way of communication and sharing information online seem to cross the border of security especially for the journalists. Your journalism career can sometimes put you on the crossfire and it is better to get prepared for worse things that might happen. You must be a tech and security savvy to help you protect your data, information sources and stories – and your career mostly.

First, secure your device and online accounts with the strongest password possible. Avoid clicking links from untrusted sources as they may be phishing important information. Lastly, encrypt everything. You must have learned that transferring information online can be filtered, especially the non-encrypted ones.

Source: PCI

security1Online hackers do not classify their victims to only large businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses are equally susceptible to hacking confidential information and personal data. Victims of online hacking are GoDaddy account, Amazon EC2 and lifestyle blogger Jordan Reid, to name a few.

Technical consultants advised public and small-sized business owners to refrain from using Cloud based accounts and disclosing valuable information online or through phone calls. They also recommend users to frequently change their passwords with complicated combinations to safeguard their accounts. For businesses that maintain a domain, ensure that your domain is protected and you take full control on it.

Source: CIO