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globe2Businesses are doing everything to keep their data, IT systems, email accounts and mobile devices as safe as they could. Experts have been offering advices but the problem on security is still there. Innovations are being implanted by companies such as huge data analytics to assess risk in software development. However, security risk stands still.

Before doing the technical process like encryption and the likes, let’s start with the basic such as utilizing the use of complicated passwords, using security questions, regular monitoring of your financial data, verifying an attachment before you click it and updating both your anti-virus and OS.

Source: e Week

security1Why, despite the security advises, people keep on struggling about their online security? This is because they fail to check the update for their software – thinking that it is good all the way from installment. Well, it is not. They also fail to install anti-virus software to guard their devices for malware.

People also keep on using weak passwords and avoiding password managers, which can help them generating complicated and strong passwords. Users are also too lazy to do two-factor authentication, thus allowing other users to change their passwords and accessing their accounts. They struggle to do some work that will keep them safe for a longer time.

Source: CS Online

internet safetyJune is considered as “Internet Safety Month” and the National Cyber Security Alliance and Connect Safely have taken this opportunity in order to offer online users with a few safety reminders. When posting photos, comments, or tweets, users should practice Smart Socializing. This involves sharing with due care, projecting a nice attitude online, and being smart about photos. When it comes to gaming, adults and kids should be careful with chat rooms. Furthermore, it is important for parents to regularly monitor their children’s games and gaming habits. While traveling, certain safety tips should also be observed such as protecting all your devices with passwords and managing your devices’ location services.

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globe2With the massive online hacking today, biometrics security gains strength in the market. Biometricsecurity, which majority include fingerprinting, iris scanning and facial or voice recognition was availed by most mobile techs such as Apple for their Touch ID iPhones and Samsung.

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have been advising users to refrain from using simple passwords, as they are the key to online hacking problems – something that even huge firms are not excused from.

Biometric security takes charge, however, some experts fear that compromised devices such as credit cards with fingerprints on it can also lead to identity compromising – something that biometric providers need to improve.

Source: Daily Mail


Computer-ErrorThe year 2014 marked the widest cybercrime cases in the U.S. – a situation that calls for a tighter cyber security in all aspects of cyberprocesses. Peak 10, a designed cloud computing and data center, discusses the major highlights of cyber security in 2014 and what it takes to be safer and secured in 2015. The webinar will discuss what user gets from the past cyber attacks and how to combat them in the future, especially through social media. It also discusses new protection initiatives for mobile device users. Peak 10 aims to deliver a safer and secured online community for future generations.

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computer2The best plan for keeping your identity safe is through choosing strong and unique passwords for every service you use, according to news published at Mac World. About 95 percent of family members are using weak and identifiable passwords, including 123456 or their pet’s name or child’s name.  Some people only use crackable replacements to letters including the use of “@” for words such as passwords.  Sources say that if your relatives were using weak passwords, you may want to drag them to keeping their future safe with strong passwords.

Source: Mac World