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computer2Australian businesses are always under threat from cyber criminals who are using inherent features of their systems and infrastructure that are connected to digital networks.  Rate of cyber attacks is increasing, according to Australian Signals Directorate. It also said that the most common targets are the banking and finance, defense capability and telecommunications and resources and energy. But others never have to be complacent because criminals are also looking for an opportunity other than those listed above for carrying out fraud and theft.

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Screen-exclamationHeimdal Security, online security software, released a brand new infographic that is expected to combat and shield against different online threats. The company claims that almost all computers out there are vulnerable to hidden attacks by hackers. This fact is reinforced by Menlo Security’s findings that revealed that one in five websites are using software that can easily be exploited by online criminals. Furthermore, Heimdal stated that damages caused by online threats are very costly. The cost of cyber crime around the world is estimated to exceed $100 billion US dollars annually. Read more about this story on CloudTweaks.

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Computer-MouseA recent study conducted by an IT performance management software vendor exposes that internal threats are just as concerning as external threats. Results include that the top concern for the federal IT agents were careless insiders followed by the general hacking community, this suggests that internal affairs are considered as more of a threat for the sample population. It is however also said that 26% of this total population consider insiders to be more damaging, the 37% more inclined to outsiders, and 38% for both. These are both unequal risks, but risks governing positions should consider spending more in regard to that high response to prevent damaging effects.

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globe2Many security experts marked 2014 as the year of security breach – especially for online shopping stores. According to them, most victims of security breach are associated with weak passwords. Security expert Krista Montie of the Center for Internet Security said the online users should be more vigilant and creative in protecting their data.

Use strong passwords and store them in a safe place where no one would get the idea of it – not in a notepad or sticky note on your desktop! Use a coding system in creating stronger passwords that are easy to memorize but tough for hackers to predict.

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Screen-exclamationGreat deals are all over online shops during this holidayseason. But be careful with each transaction, as you might be vulnerable from online security breach. Experts posted tips on how to stay safe online in the midst of holiday online shopping. The tips are the ones you commonly hear like refrain from using debit card and using difficult passwords, securing your devices through VPN, and other applications like device locators. It is advised to disable your automatic WiFi connection as this may give hackers a chance to get into your account.  Above all, mindfulness and vigilance are still the best keys to stay safe online.

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globe2As everyone gets busy doing their Black Friday shopping, preparing foods for Thanksgiving and wrapping gifts, there are also other people who are working hard to get into customers’ online card transactions – the cybercriminals.  With almost all transactions involve credit cards; it makes a huge avenue for cybercriminals to your accounts without you knowing it. Be protected by ensuring that you buy only from legitimate online stores with legit online forms. Avoid using multiple credit cards in your online purchases. Secure your web browser and keep your device and network safe. Enjoy the holidays without worries – stay alert and safe.

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Computer-ErrorSecurity experts, large and small businesses, public and private individuals are all fighting a common attack today: online security assaults. With cyber attacks being one of the widely discussed concerns today, security experts gives tips to all online users on how to stay secured and safe from all these attacks.

First is to be aware: in everything including privacy policies. Next is to understand how social media works: especially the sharing stuff. And speaking of share, one must know what to share and what not to share. Authenticating log in and passwords is the next step and the last but not the least, educate yourself and those people important to you.

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News about large companies suffers in the hands of cyber criminals created distress among small-scale entrepreneurs on how they would protect their businesses against. How vulnerable are they in the face of these crimes?

Security experts issued tips to help keep small business safe and secure. First is by securing devices by using anti-virus and firewalls. Availing cyber security insurance can also be helpful. Staying informed and abreast to recent attacks will keep your business away from them. And the last but not the least, change passwords regularly to prevent hackers from breaking into your business information.

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globe2In the midst of cyberattacks in numerous financial companies such as JPMorgan Chase, fear of breached online security roam over users. If huge companies are vulnerable to cyber attacks, how much more are private individuals like you?

But security safe is still possible. By using use two-factor authentication in very online account and social media platforms you use, the possibility of being victimized by cyber attacks can be minimized, if not totally alleviated. Also, store important information in secured storage is still a good plan. The last but not the least, you must revise your Internet security such as antivirus and network firewalls.

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Screen-exclamationWith numerous online accounts, many users opt to recycling passwords – a practice that does not make online information safe from hackers and other online criminals. But there are tips that one can utilize to stay safe online. First, one must identify what information he needs to protect such as Google inbox where pertinent information is usually stored. One must prioritize the site he logs into and use the uncrackable passwords to those with most important information. There are also data-syncing applications that offer two-step verification processes. If you are using dozens of passwords, you can opt to make the device remember your passwords. Still, staying smart is the best tool.

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