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Computer-MouseTech toys are among kids’ wish lists this holiday season. But parents should be warned that even tech toys are subject to online hacking. In a recent report, millions of children have been victimized by online attack on a tech toy manufacturer, Vtech Holdings Ltd. In relation to this, experts advised users to be careful on depositing personal information online and when you do, make sure you use a secured connection. It is also advised to verify the legitimacy of the company or toy manufacturer. Users are also strongly encouraged to be cautious when disclosing any information when purchasing online.

Source: CBC

Screen-exclamationDirector of Homeland Security Chris Rodriguez issued advises to keep your seniors safe this holiday season, especially when cybercriminals are getting sophisticated these days. Most seniors were victimized by phone frauds when criminals pose as credit card reps asking for Social Security number and other details, targeting millions of health and personal records.

Stories about stealing information and healthcare personal info have been reported – all through similar sources, phone calls. The agency raises campaigns to educate seniors about such fraud activities and advise them not to disclose any information through phones. These campaigns have been launched in public forums for more audience.

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globe2There are actually practical tips to avoid cyber harassment. Among these tips include installing online security software to safeguard not only your files but your software and the connections you use. It is also important to practice safety in all information – at all times. Do not share personal information online, even with your networking ‘friends’.

Users should also avoid trolls that can trigger negative and affecting responses. When bullying occurs, especially with kids, advise them to immediately quit avoiding further damages. Lastly, online users should be smarter than cybercriminals by using the right tools – from legit software to malware protection.

Source: In Homeland Security

Tips To Stay Cyber Safe

Screen-exclamationThe National Cyber Security Alliance issued some tips to help people stay safe in using the internet. This issuance is prompted after revealing that 84% of the Americans need to safeguard their personal information. People must stop sharing confidential information such as bank accounts and passwords. It is also important to change passwords as frequent as possible and to update security software to avoid breach. They must think before sharing information and consider how doing such will affect their safety. They should also demand to be protected from their providers. And lastly, education is the best way to protect themselves from any cyber-attack in the future.

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mail2A warning has been sent out by Biggby Coffee after a hacker allegedly broke into their system that included employment application information and frequency cards. Their hosting company and web developer have noticed the breach last week.  Some information the company feared to have been stolen by the hacker/s are names, addresses and phone numbers. Right now, the company does not know of any misuse of such information. Check out more of this story today!

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Staying Safe Online

WarningWith lots of kids using the internet nowadays, it is very important to help them keep safe from any online vulnerability. For kids of all ages, do not share any personal information to anyone. Think before posting photos and videos that can be used illegally. Whenever using online devices, make sure that it has its privacy setting on. Avoid befriending or meeting people you don’t know through the internet or even personal. When you plan to do so, inform your parents about it. Be careful and considerate to other people’s feelings when posting anything online. As a kid always seek the approval of your parents or adult guardian. Source: safetynetkids.org.uk

Online hacking, identity theft and personal information breach are just among the long list of cyber attacks that police has been monitoring for quiet a long time. As the matter of fact, it has stirred the attention of the FBI. In the middle of this digital war, Meridian Tech instructors offer the fundamentals of maintenance and repair of computer hardware, software installation, configuration and troubleshooting. Aside from these, it also offers trainings on security principles. They also focus on the assessing how vulnerable a company is to cyber attack. In relation to this, they train their students risk management, secure systems administration and security architectures.

Source: STW News Press

Screen-exclamationAre you safe as an Adobe user? Adobe announced earlier this month that up to 2.9 million customers had their “encrypted” credit card information hacked. As a response to the situation, Adobe sent notifications to both the customers and their respective banks.

Is the Encrypted Personal Information Coming Back to Haunt You?

Despite assurances and measures taken by Adobe, how sure are you that your hacked “encrypted” information would not bring harm? When you store credit card information on a website, it must meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. To secure it, companies use long and difficult to crack keys that should be protected for years.

Security experts said that the information remains safe depending on the security measures done by Adobe. If the hacked information was properly encrypted, it would take years and even centuries before they could be used by  hackers. This means that, unlike decrypted information, your encrypted data cannot be immediately used to make unauthorized purchases.

Did Adobe Encrypt Your Personally-Identifiable Data?

Credit card information encryption is usually performed by legitimate websites to store your payment information. However, less sensitive details like physical or email addresses may not be protected. These can be leaked, and then sold to spammers.

According to Pravin Kothari, CipherCloud (cloud encryption solutions provider) founder and CEO, some companies do not encrypt these details. Thus, information like your password prompts may be vulnerable. Adobe did not clarify whether the personally identifiable information of their customers were decrypted.

What Could Happen Next?

As a response to the risks of exposing personal identifiable data, Adobe suggested that customers have to change their passwords. As for Adobe customers who are worried about their credit card information, they can report any issues linked to this compromised data  by contacting their respective banks. Meanwhile,  one-year membership for monitoring credit is also offered by Adobe to their US-based customers.

Source: Forbes