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Screen-exclamationDirector of Homeland Security Chris Rodriguez issued advises to keep your seniors safe this holiday season, especially when cybercriminals are getting sophisticated these days. Most seniors were victimized by phone frauds when criminals pose as credit card reps asking for Social Security number and other details, targeting millions of health and personal records.

Stories about stealing information and healthcare personal info have been reported – all through similar sources, phone calls. The agency raises campaigns to educate seniors about such fraud activities and advise them not to disclose any information through phones. These campaigns have been launched in public forums for more audience.

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Computer-MouseThe phone hacking trial of the News of the World is under way (London) so those with interest can watch as it unravels to find out how extensive hacking is. It’s not something new for the citizens in the United States when the government had been caught to be listening and intercepting phone calls made by distinguished world leaders.

It is understood that those people who do not believe in espionage could open their eyes and stop thinking that it does not happen at all. It’s obvious that the government access data and start violating the people’s rights to take down those who might pose harm to them or to the public. Experts suggest that if you don’t want to be traced, keep out of the web. Read the full version of this article.

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