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Screen-exclamationLocal municipalities have also been affected by the bolder acts of hackers nowadays. These hackers have threatened numerous local offices and the municipality takes the toll in it. This is why locals have designed their own security measures to stay away and safe from those cyber criminals – measures that people can also use for themselves.

First, people must take an inventory and network assessments – look in every way that the hackers might access information. Strengthening firewall is very important. It is also necessary to educate everyone in the team not to click on any untrusted link sent in their emails.

Source: Biz Journal

Computer-MouseAccording to the report of National Cyber Security Alliance, 84% of Americans feel that they need personal information protection. The people of Florida were provided with some tips on how to keep their personal information secured at all times. Among these tips include valuing and protecting personal information at all times and avoidance of sharing them.  People should also demand privacy and safety from their providers – whether it comes to internet or devices. It is also advised that people should have proper education on what to do in the case of security breach and report them immediately to the concerned authority.

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Computer-MouseGoogle hires its new security chief to oversee the company’s security and privacy policies and procedures.Gerhard Eschelbeck is a native of Austria and has assumed numerous positions – all related to privacy and security of internet users.

Eschelbeck deems to strengthen and straighten the security path of the company to protect its users from cyber criminals. In his inaugural speech, Eschelbeck said that security is about looking forward to the future and planning ahead.

He now manages Google’s over 500 privacy and security and teams feels excited to apply his knowledge and expertise to make significant contributions to the company and its clients.

Source: UK News

Screen-exclamationThe Obama administration has infamously been pushing on new laws on data hacking and government accessible internet information. These notions tend to threaten people’s personal privacy as it gives the government access to data that one has access to.

Several events in the past year has lead to an increase inclination of the government to this notion of hacking into individual information for national security such as the Sony Company hack and the Home Depot data breach, some point out that these failures are due to unmaintained surveillance and security measures, one that could easily be addressed with the current proposals.

Of course one has to worry about privacy, but in order to have a functional national security, one must demand for a piece of both which is why some software have data encryption technology y, to prevent latent data release.

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Screen-exclamationStarting up a small business and taking it on the internet can be tough. Even multimillion-dollar companies crumble against cyber-attacks so it is a must to be most vigilant against all kinds of cybercrimes.

For small business owners, it will be best to stay updated on the latest cyber-attacks so security systems can also be updated. Controlling the access on both digital and physical offices lessens security break- ins. It is also suggested to make the office well- lighted even at night to deter thieves. Putting up CCTVs and raising the alarm system will also help drive away any intruder.

Lastly, it is encouraged to secure computer servers and storing sensitive paperwork securely to avoid prying eyes both online and offline.

Source: SmallBusiness.co.uk

security1This generation is considered a sucker for everything smart including houses. When it comes to using smart technology, it is always a good thing to be cautious knowing that internet is used to power everything and this means a lot of opportunity for hackers to invade your privacy.

Before connecting different systems together, Noffers a variety of safety steps like motion sensors. To protect the data it collects, 256-bit hardware encryption is added to the sensors. Other tips also encourage smart homeowners to make complex passwords, creating a secure home network, and using two- factor authentication system to make passwords difficult to guess.

Source: The Denver Post

The breaking news about OpenSSL being hacked by Heartbleed caused panic to many Internet users. OpenSSL is used in several online services such as Web servers, mobile applications, operating systems, routers and email clients. According to Forbes cybersecurity columnist Joseph Steinberg, this is the worst susceptibility found when we talk about potential impact. OpenSSL defenselessness may affect banks, stores and communication companies that require significant personal information such as credit cards, phone numbers and social security numbers. Companies are encouraged to strengthen their privacy to secure and protect data as well as inform their clients, users and employees to practice the safe use of the Internet. Read more from the source.

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This holiday season you should remain protective of your personal information and belongings to avoid any problem. To protect your privacy, do not share information to the people asking for it online or over the phone unless you’ve checked that the person is legitimate. Do not share your credit card number, SS number and bank account numbers. To check the identity of the caller, you can hang up and then try to call him back using the same number. Check more security tips from the source.

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