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With news about cyber crime and security breaches becoming rampant, it is very important to keep up with the measures needed to keep your information safe.  Among these methods include using two-factor authentication to prevent other people to change your passwords and accessing your account. It is also important to encrypt all devices and pertinent information.

Getting jailbroken devices out of the market will keep hackers from getting into company’s data security. You also need to keep your anti-virus and firewall updated to block ads that may lead to untrusted sites. Lastly, it is very important to keep your software updated to maximize software and device security.

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globe2Security experts warn users about the increasing cases of online security breaches.

Jonathan Sander, security expert from Lieberman Software thinks that people know about the essence and importance of good security – they don’t just do anything about it. An expert from Tripwire revealed that the risks in online security increase yearly – leaving significant effects and losses.

Hackers have been attacking the same security details they have had many years ago – weak passwords. Leaks in Cloud is associated with weak passwords that users use in their interconnected accounts – viewing it to be more convenient. But experts say this is actually dangerous.

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MailThe thought of your photos being viewed or used by an unknown person is very unsettling. CloudSlice, Apple’s newest application for iOS, aims to strengthen photo security by breaking up your photos into slices and distributing them separately to multiple storage services. Moreover, the slices can only be put together using the right key or password. This method will keep all your photos safe and prevent anyone from accessing your complete photos even if one of your storage services is compromised. CloudSlice is easy to use and is compatible with Google Drive, iCloud, Box, DropBox, and MicrosoftOneDrive. This new app is available on the App Store for only $4.99.

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security1Cyber crime in the US alone costs companies approximately 13 million dollars annually. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to devise a strategy that will solve this expanding problem, especially for top target cities such as Tampa. Daimon Geopfert of McGladrey Inc. advises that one of the best strategies is the creation of “virtual safe rooms”. These rooms will store all the company’s data including confidential information and keep them away from internet access and from opportunistic cyber criminals. To have an in-depth understanding about this article, visit The Tampa Tribune.

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security1Thousands of user credentials of the taxi application were reported listed and sold on the dark web for as low as $1. However, an Uber spokesperson denied the reliability of the report and stated that no evidence of a security breach was found after their investigation. On the other hand, Motherboard verified on their site that some of the user credentials stolen were valid. The stolen data included customer names, passwords, usernames, telephone numbers, and credit card numbers of Uber users. And after many criticism from its users about their online security practices, Uber has made their policy even stricter, especially when it comes to unauthorized access of information.

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The Government Accountability Office reported that the IRS delivered fraudulent refunds during 2013 amounting to $5.8 billion.  This is mostly due to the loopholes in the system being used by IRS. It is alarming that the agency’s security practices are not strong enough to deter fraudulent activities such as the authentication of identity with passwords and security questions. In addition, IRS does not employ any tracking devices that can prevent the filing of multiple tax returns using the same IP address. As a result, cyber criminals can file several fraudulent tax returns in one day, and this illegal practice worries many taxpayers.

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Screen-exclamationHeimdal Security, online security software, released a brand new infographic that is expected to combat and shield against different online threats. The company claims that almost all computers out there are vulnerable to hidden attacks by hackers. This fact is reinforced by Menlo Security’s findings that revealed that one in five websites are using software that can easily be exploited by online criminals. Furthermore, Heimdal stated that damages caused by online threats are very costly. The cost of cyber crime around the world is estimated to exceed $100 billion US dollars annually. Read more about this story on CloudTweaks.

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Computer-ErrorSecurity experts, large and small businesses, public and private individuals are all fighting a common attack today: online security assaults. With cyber attacks being one of the widely discussed concerns today, security experts gives tips to all online users on how to stay secured and safe from all these attacks.

First is to be aware: in everything including privacy policies. Next is to understand how social media works: especially the sharing stuff. And speaking of share, one must know what to share and what not to share. Authenticating log in and passwords is the next step and the last but not the least, educate yourself and those people important to you.

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globe2Google is into a wide campaign for online security – an advocacy it passes to the students of Whittier Middle School. Google is aware that middle school kids cover a huge population that uses social media platforms. In the company-sponsored event, Google presented simple but sure secured tips to the young users such as creating strong passwords, keeping them private and keeping devices clean and safe from bugs.

In the presentation, the company also cleared the accusations about the company invading personal privacy middle school students. It has been noted that Google has removed all its advertisements from its educational apps.

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News about large companies suffers in the hands of cyber criminals created distress among small-scale entrepreneurs on how they would protect their businesses against. How vulnerable are they in the face of these crimes?

Security experts issued tips to help keep small business safe and secure. First is by securing devices by using anti-virus and firewalls. Availing cyber security insurance can also be helpful. Staying informed and abreast to recent attacks will keep your business away from them. And the last but not the least, change passwords regularly to prevent hackers from breaking into your business information.

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