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onlinesecure3Are you someone who runs a business and keeps a database of personal information for you customers or clients? Do you employ road warriors, tele-workers, contractors, suppliers and others to connect remotely into your database? Do you accept and recognize payments for your own matters and of your clients online?

If so, you, your business and your clients may be facing a daunting task to keep these information secure. The first thing that you can do as part of your tough task for security online, you must learn how to divide and conquer. A firewall, which is often conceived by many, is not meant for the internet and your network nowadays. This is because your staff or the entirety of your company stays active on social media. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

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security1Thousands of user credentials of the taxi application were reported listed and sold on the dark web for as low as $1. However, an Uber spokesperson denied the reliability of the report and stated that no evidence of a security breach was found after their investigation. On the other hand, Motherboard verified on their site that some of the user credentials stolen were valid. The stolen data included customer names, passwords, usernames, telephone numbers, and credit card numbers of Uber users. And after many criticism from its users about their online security practices, Uber has made their policy even stricter, especially when it comes to unauthorized access of information.

Source: The Guardian

The Government Accountability Office reported that the IRS delivered fraudulent refunds during 2013 amounting to $5.8 billion.  This is mostly due to the loopholes in the system being used by IRS. It is alarming that the agency’s security practices are not strong enough to deter fraudulent activities such as the authentication of identity with passwords and security questions. In addition, IRS does not employ any tracking devices that can prevent the filing of multiple tax returns using the same IP address. As a result, cyber criminals can file several fraudulent tax returns in one day, and this illegal practice worries many taxpayers.

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security1Identity theft is a federal crime that the government has been trying to solve for years. The recent breach at JP Morgan Chase & Co. that leaked millions of individual and businesses’ information created panic over online consumers. How can they protect themselves from ID theft especially this season?

Security experts warned users about fake websites. Always look for the URL in the website tab and do not click untrusted sources. ID theft usually happens when someone stole your card information that’s why you must keep it safe all the time – whether traveling or in a café. Avoid using your debit cards.

Source: usatoday.com

globe2Google is into a wide campaign for online security – an advocacy it passes to the students of Whittier Middle School. Google is aware that middle school kids cover a huge population that uses social media platforms. In the company-sponsored event, Google presented simple but sure secured tips to the young users such as creating strong passwords, keeping them private and keeping devices clean and safe from bugs.

In the presentation, the company also cleared the accusations about the company invading personal privacy middle school students. It has been noted that Google has removed all its advertisements from its educational apps.

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Online hacking, identity theft and personal information breach are just among the long list of cyber attacks that police has been monitoring for quiet a long time. As the matter of fact, it has stirred the attention of the FBI. In the middle of this digital war, Meridian Tech instructors offer the fundamentals of maintenance and repair of computer hardware, software installation, configuration and troubleshooting. Aside from these, it also offers trainings on security principles. They also focus on the assessing how vulnerable a company is to cyber attack. In relation to this, they train their students risk management, secure systems administration and security architectures.

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Screen-exclamationBoardroom meeting between board members and security executives addressing security can be a battle between two worlds with different beliefs. Each side has its own goal: to achieve business’ goal, only in two different ways. But these differences can be reconciled with open communication.  It is imperative that all board members, security executives and all concerned individuals have a clear understanding about one common goal: to keep the company secured from cybercriminals at all times. Deliver this idea through an open communication and clear understanding of the risk and he context of the situation. Lastly, always emphasize its value to the company in the future.

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computer2To tackle online security breaches, Johnny Magnum announces an innovative service website, offering a wide range of solutions from professional email addresses, personalized email address and hosting services. The said solutions are said to help in preventing security breaches of individuals online. He also offers SSL certificates for purchase in standard and premium packages. Check out the full version of this press release.

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