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security1Security companies have been issuing tips on how to keep your information and devices safe from malware and cyber-attacks. But according to experts, updating your security software is still the best way to prepare from any breach, malicious attacks, and information theft.  It is also important to use strong and complicated passwords and update them as frequently as possible. People can make use of password managers for strong suggested passwords.

For anti-virus and software, it is very necessary to update them – whether you use a PC or mobile device. This will keep your information safe and guard your device from any breach and possible cyber-attacks.

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Tips To Stay Cyber Safe

Screen-exclamationThe National Cyber Security Alliance issued some tips to help people stay safe in using the internet. This issuance is prompted after revealing that 84% of the Americans need to safeguard their personal information. People must stop sharing confidential information such as bank accounts and passwords. It is also important to change passwords as frequent as possible and to update security software to avoid breach. They must think before sharing information and consider how doing such will affect their safety. They should also demand to be protected from their providers. And lastly, education is the best way to protect themselves from any cyber-attack in the future.

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Computer-ErrorA new start-up based in US known as uQontrol has introduced a new authentication security called the Qkey. This Qkey is actually a USB stick in the shape of a key with an EMV chip embedded on it. Using this tool, consumers can secure their online personal data and shopping transactions from the attacks of cyber criminals. In order for the Qkey to operate, three factors must be present. The first factor is a strong master password. The second factor is a PIN. After the PIN is entered, the third factor is to physically tapp the key for payment confirmation.

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Mistakes In Data Security

Some studies suggest that one of the greatest factors in security and data breach is random human errors in setting up the system. These errors definitely outdo technological flaws; common errors are those that are in work have been used for a lot years.

These mishaps include, failure to update security software or passwords, uncontrolled privileges in IT networks, unwatched posting on networking sites, phishing mistakes on members, wrong application instalments or the use of a data cloud system, remote and disabling security controls.

This allows your data and system to be vulnerable to the public, one must be careful of making security mistakes especially when handling company data.

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Screen-exclamationAccording to a new survey, Canadians know that they aren’t just putting themselves into many risks whenever they share their passwords with the use of unsecured internet connections, but they’re also putting their bosses in jeopardy. Based from the same survey, 30% of those who participated in the survey indicate that they don’t have any security software installed into their computers. This also includes mobile phones and tablets. In addition, 30% of participants said that they also take work home and accomplish it by using their personal computers. The poll conducted was done using Google’s consumer survey happened last September also indicated that 20% of participants shared their banking or work passwords. For more on this post, go to the source.

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globe2Bkay, Vietnam’s leading internet security firm is scheduled to launch the nation’s first online hacking competition, the White at Grand Prix Contest. The objective of the tournament is to promote simulation study on how to address cybercriminal activities such as online hacking. The recent massive online hacking reports encouraged the firm to launch the contest.The contest is open to 35 year-old candidates who will register in teams. The winner of the contest will receive VND100 million (US$4,722) while the second placer will receive VND20 million and third place winner will get VND10 million. The first qualifying round is set in September 19 and the finals in October 25.

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How can you proactively address any system vulnerabilities though improving your software security? Breaches to security happen due to SQL injection attacks and cross-site scripting. So, how do you avoid such? One way is through building a strong team and a complete security program that can give reactive measures to any attacks and that can work with the information systems in-house, building a proactive security system. Read the entire version of the story.

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