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Computer-MouseTech toys are among kids’ wish lists this holiday season. But parents should be warned that even tech toys are subject to online hacking. In a recent report, millions of children have been victimized by online attack on a tech toy manufacturer, Vtech Holdings Ltd. In relation to this, experts advised users to be careful on depositing personal information online and when you do, make sure you use a secured connection. It is also advised to verify the legitimacy of the company or toy manufacturer. Users are also strongly encouraged to be cautious when disclosing any information when purchasing online.

Source: CBC

security1Holiday season is the busiest season for online shopping. This is also the season when cybercriminals get active to stealing personal information. On this account, experts encourage users to protect their personal data and avoid clicking links sent via emails. It is also advised to verify merchant first before payment. You can also use tech apps for secured payments.

For credit card users, you can use a specific card just for holiday shopping. And lastly, it pays to check your statement of account to spot any suspicious amount or purchase you did not do. If such thing happens, notify your bank immediately.

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Screen-exclamationWith the crowded streets and malls, people opted to shop online this holiday season. However, it also makes them vulnerable to cybercrimes. OCIO shares some safety tips on how to stay secured when shopping online this holiday season. Among these tips, include safeguarding information such as credit card details and other personal info. It is discouraged to use free and public Wi-Fi, as they are not secured network, especially when it comes to online purchasing. Experts advise customers to shop at trusted and few online stores during holidays to track purchasing activities. It is also advised to monitor your account for any suspicious activity.

Source: The Lantern

MailOnline banking is one of the most convenient way to transfer, withdraw or pay online today. however, it also opens an opportunity for criminals to hack accounts and personal information. The Minnesota Department of Commerce urges online bankers to follow these advices for a safer online banking. First, make sure that your bank uses a multifactor authentication, a method that requires users to type their passcodes twice or more to accessing an account. Use strong passwords, keep it safe, and make sure that your device is protected by an updated antivirus. Do not open unsolicited emails or answer calls that ask for your banking information. Regularly monitor your bank account and log out after every session.

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globe2Businesses are doing everything to keep their data, IT systems, email accounts and mobile devices as safe as they could. Experts have been offering advices but the problem on security is still there. Innovations are being implanted by companies such as huge data analytics to assess risk in software development. However, security risk stands still.

Before doing the technical process like encryption and the likes, let’s start with the basic such as utilizing the use of complicated passwords, using security questions, regular monitoring of your financial data, verifying an attachment before you click it and updating both your anti-virus and OS.

Source: e Week

Computer-WarningOnline shopping is such a big hit today due to its convenience. However, it also opens an avenue for cybercriminals to take part, especially with huge amount of money at stake. Here are few practical tips for a safe online shopping.

First, you need to stick with your trusted brand – the one with good reputation when it comes to online selling and customer satisfaction. Next, use credit card for more secured payment, as debit cards are more vulnerable.  It is advised to use secured websites, the ones with https URL and a symbol of padlock for safety. Do not give in to impossible offers and make sure to use secured connections instead of Wi-Fi.

Source: We Live Security


Screen-exclamationOnline scammers are out for an adventure targeting their victims. According to AARP Fraud Watch Network’s tips, these scammers use the following tactics:

First, they lure their targets with wealth and then establish connections by asking personal questions. Once they got how to trigger the victim’s emotions, they start to play with them by offering products or services that is claimed to be in limited offer. Online scammers try to build trust by stating that they are affiliated to famous personalities and organization – they even speak the same credentials. These individuals will try to gain access to your computer through malicious malware.

As a precaution, check the reputation and legal registration of any online business before any transaction.

Source: CPA Practice Advisor

Screen-exclamationLocal municipalities have also been affected by the bolder acts of hackers nowadays. These hackers have threatened numerous local offices and the municipality takes the toll in it. This is why locals have designed their own security measures to stay away and safe from those cyber criminals – measures that people can also use for themselves.

First, people must take an inventory and network assessments – look in every way that the hackers might access information. Strengthening firewall is very important. It is also necessary to educate everyone in the team not to click on any untrusted link sent in their emails.

Source: Biz Journal

globe2There are actually practical tips to avoid cyber harassment. Among these tips include installing online security software to safeguard not only your files but your software and the connections you use. It is also important to practice safety in all information – at all times. Do not share personal information online, even with your networking ‘friends’.

Users should also avoid trolls that can trigger negative and affecting responses. When bullying occurs, especially with kids, advise them to immediately quit avoiding further damages. Lastly, online users should be smarter than cybercriminals by using the right tools – from legit software to malware protection.

Source: In Homeland Security

Computer-MouseAccording to the report of National Cyber Security Alliance, 84% of Americans feel that they need personal information protection. The people of Florida were provided with some tips on how to keep their personal information secured at all times. Among these tips include valuing and protecting personal information at all times and avoidance of sharing them.  People should also demand privacy and safety from their providers – whether it comes to internet or devices. It is also advised that people should have proper education on what to do in the case of security breach and report them immediately to the concerned authority.

Source: News 4 Jax