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globe2National Cyber Security Alliance executive director Michael Kaiser provided tips for a scam-free holiday online shopping. According to him, scammers lure their victims by offering incredibly low-priced products. When you encounter this, immediately turn it down. He also encouraged online shoppers to use secured connections and websites.

When making online payments, it is better to use third party payment like Amazon Payments, Apple Pay or PayPal to minimize the chance of inputting your credit card information. It is also good to check on reviews for vendors, especially when you are buying from an unfamiliar store. Lastly, monitor your accounts regularly.

Source: Seattle Times

computer2Black Friday is one of the few celebrated shopping days in the country. The radical increase in online shopping opens opportunity for cyber criminals. To stay safe for Black Friday shopping, follow these steps.

First, keep your devices from the eyes of strangers. Next is to make sure that your computer antivirus is updated for protection. Also, ensure that you use safe and secured connection and avoid using public Wi-Fi connection. Check on the shopping websites and make sure that it is a secured and legitimate site for product shopping. Lastly, check your bank statement and report any suspicious transaction immediately.

Source: Silicon Republic

onlinesecure4Most Americans prefer online shopping this holiday for convenience. But there are tips to consider in order to stay safe when shopping online. Among these tips, include using secured connections and not the free Wi-Fi’s. Also, make sure to you use legitimate websites and official apps. When paying for online purchases, use credit cards and not debit cards. You can also use online payments using your phone, as they are safe from duplication. When using your phone, make sure that it is properly locked for safety. And the last but not the least, make sure that you check you statement of accounts and report any suspicious transactions immediately.

Source: USA Today

Computer-MouseWhat is your weakest cyber security link? It could be your kid. In fact, half Americans with children below 18 years old reported that their data had been breached by their kids in some ways. Consequently, some of them suffered from lost productivity, damaged computers or lost money spent in unauthorized purchases.  In this case, you should know what your kids are capable of technically and behaviorally. You should also keep yourself a step ahead of them.  You should also know what your children access and use, including machines, files and devices. Read the full story from the source.

Source: WSJ

Screen-exclamationPeople all know that vulnerability has been out there for many years and that they have discovered threats out there. For one, online shoppers are at the mercy of websites where they are buying their goods, but these are also places, where security can be at risk. What can you do to avoid the issue? First, look at the padlock symbol in the site’s URL, which can indicate if the website is using an HTTP that can encrypt communications. You should also be selective when it comes to giving your payment information on websites to use for later purchases. Do not store your credit card information on them to avoid thefts from getting your personal and financial details. See the full story from the source.

Source: Market Watch

BitDefender 2015: Best Protection for Your PC EVER!

BitDefender 2015: Best Protection for Your PC EVER!

Considered to be one of the best antivirus programs that exists, the BitDefender 2015 has high end and top notch security specs that is unparalleled and of course comes at a relatively cheaper price (for the full version). BitDefender 2105 has a very impressive software system that definitely outdoes its previous versions.

A full investment on a properly working and highly effective virus scanner and computer protector, as a matter of fact, it is also suggested that you have multiple virus programs just to make sure that you are protected. Don’t leave your computer at risk; see how BitDefender 2105 can help your computer and your work from future harm:

  • Protects your device from malware

Malicious software—from the name alone, you have to hate it. It is one of the most infectious, most infamous system bugs on your computer. Why are they malicious? Because the computer does not easily detect it, therefore making your device more prone to damage. BitDefender 2015 scores high with Malware detection and removal.

  • Secures yourself and your family

BitDefender not only offers virus protection but also security for your internet usage. Most of the information we type on our computers are not the ones we would like to share with the rest of the world. BitDefender 2105 scans your internet activity and prevents spywares that may share unwanted information. This also alerts you against online scammers that may wipe out your entire bank account.

  • Lets you use high performance software

That requires you nothing at all! This highly efficient software scans, detects, protects and quarantines at an ultra-fast rate no matter what operating system you are using. The beauty of BitDefender 2105 is that it adapts to your device, meaning it will not consume all your PC’s work power just to scan and to work effectively. It partitions its task usage effectively, which therefore, doesn’t slow down your computer. And all you have to do is installing.


Also enhanced:

  • Parental controls
  • Vulnerability Scanners
  • One-step payments
  • Safe online banking and shopping

Continuously awarded as one of the best anti-virus programs in terms of system development and system speed and protection capability, this software system is no waste of money; the BitDefender 2015 is a good investment when it comes to protecting your devices and your family, even while you’re asleep.

Get your BitDefender 2015 today, or upgrade here. You can also get BitDefender for Mac.

MailEverything can be done online—shopping, banking, even managing any business. With these transactions, better data security is necessary to avoid internet scams like fraudulent credit card use and identity theft.

Changing passwords regularly, investing on anti-virus software and other computer security measures, and choosing secure sites are just some of the foolproof ways of being secure online. These fraud protection measures will ensure a peaceful usage of the internet no matter how delicate the information you give. This will also make you focus on more important aspects of the online transactions and be more confident on taking the advantage of doing everything online.

Source: Business 2 Community

onlinesecure2Shop Smart This Holiday Season is the timely campaign of CNA that is meant to help both entrepreneurs and consumers maintain a safe shopping portal on the internet.

The campaign is consists of different resources that are accessible to users such as videos and social media posts. It targets the need for individuals to be more aware on the importance of keeping all their information secure and what measures can be done to make every online transaction safe.

Online shopping is quick and convenient but it does not mean that people should be so complacent on doing businesses on the internet.

Source: IBN

Screen-exclamationGreat deals are all over online shops during this holidayseason. But be careful with each transaction, as you might be vulnerable from online security breach. Experts posted tips on how to stay safe online in the midst of holiday online shopping. The tips are the ones you commonly hear like refrain from using debit card and using difficult passwords, securing your devices through VPN, and other applications like device locators. It is advised to disable your automatic WiFi connection as this may give hackers a chance to get into your account.  Above all, mindfulness and vigilance are still the best keys to stay safe online.

Source: wxyz.com

globe2As everyone gets busy doing their Black Friday shopping, preparing foods for Thanksgiving and wrapping gifts, there are also other people who are working hard to get into customers’ online card transactions – the cybercriminals.  With almost all transactions involve credit cards; it makes a huge avenue for cybercriminals to your accounts without you knowing it. Be protected by ensuring that you buy only from legitimate online stores with legit online forms. Avoid using multiple credit cards in your online purchases. Secure your web browser and keep your device and network safe. Enjoy the holidays without worries – stay alert and safe.

SOURCE: globalnews.ca