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Screen-exclamationDirector of Homeland Security Chris Rodriguez issued advises to keep your seniors safe this holiday season, especially when cybercriminals are getting sophisticated these days. Most seniors were victimized by phone frauds when criminals pose as credit card reps asking for Social Security number and other details, targeting millions of health and personal records.

Stories about stealing information and healthcare personal info have been reported – all through similar sources, phone calls. The agency raises campaigns to educate seniors about such fraud activities and advise them not to disclose any information through phones. These campaigns have been launched in public forums for more audience.

Source: North Jersey

Computer-MouseIn his talk about AppSec, Director of Technical Operations at Bugcrowd, Jason Haddix, revealed the tips and tricks on web and mobile hacking and how to improve previous processes through Bug Hunter’s Methodology.

The Bug Hunter’s Methodology is the combination of codes, knowledge, tips, tricks and tools from various application testers. Since this is a combination of all hacking tricks, it cannot be detected by any automated scanner. Haddix also enumerated the technical features of AppSec and how it works. He further set examples of bugs, application susceptibilities and who designed those.

Haddix’s speech opened several opportunities for both mobile and web applications.

Source: CSO Online

Screen-exclamationGoogle users have a lot to thank the company for. Aside from the array of free services on the internet, the company has recently released a set of security tips intended to make everyone safe online.

For this batch, 12 tips were given that are meant to keep everything private private and away from the prying eyes of any unauthorized person. It includes a few challenging ones like making better passwords, using verification codes, flagging of suspicious content, and to simple actions such as updating the browser, and using biometric security options like fingerprint scans.

Google hopes that with this series of online security tips, the users will become more aware on how they can protect themselves online.

Source: Mashable