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lockyRansomware, what is it? Defined as “malware for data kidnapping,” it is one of the top security issues in the digital and cloud age, wherein the hacker or attacker encrypts data and asks for ransom (usually a Bitcoin payment) for the decryption key.

Today, another ransomware threatens the online community “Locky” that can hit you if you were ‘unlucky.’ It works similarly like the modus conducted by the banking software Dridex.

How Locky works?

A victim will be sent an email with a Microsoft Word attachment disguising as an INVOICE that requires macro.

[By default, Microsoft disables it due to security reasons. So a user normally will see a warning if an attachment contains it.]

Now if you would enable the macro function, it will run and then download Locky to your PC, according to the Palo Alto Networks.

[It is the same modus operandi used by Dridex, a notorious Trojan that steals banking account details.]

There are suspicions that the distributors of Locky are connected to one of the main men of Dridex because both use the same mode of malware distribution.

If you or your organization happens to be the unlucky target, your files will be unrecoverable unless you have a regular backup or if your data has not been touched yet.

Lately, the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical’s computer system was infected by ransomware in which the hackers ask for 9,000 bitcoins (or approximately US$3.6 million).

Reports indicated that the operators behind Locky may have conducted a large attack. Palo Alto Networks revealed that it had detected 400,000 sessions that used the same downloader “Bartallex,” which is the one that deposits the infection onto a computer system. Over half of the targets were recorded in the United States and the rest included Australia and Canada.

Locky utilizes its command-and-control infrastructure for conducting a memory exchange before encrypting the files.

Kevin Beaumont from Medium said that encrypted files have the ‘.locky’ extension. He wrote guidance on how to figure out who among the people in an organization has been infected and recommended that the active directory account of the victim must be locked and its network access must be shut down. Finally, he said that you are more likely to rebuild the victim’s PC from scratch.

Check out the full story here.

CybersecurityIsrael is ranked second next to the US when it comes to cybersecurity industry. The country’s population is gaining knowledge and experience in terms of cybersecurity than any other nations in the world, reports say. According Delta Business Media,a London-based publication, Israel has exported approximately $6 billion in cyber-related products and services in 2014. This figure is expected to rise today as it is said to continuously grow by 8/year.

As of today, there are more than 200 cybersecurity companies in the country whose primary market is the US.This development shows that the country is technological competitive when it comes to cybersecurity and the services it entails.

Source: CSO Online

China reaffirms that the new anti-terror law relating to cyber surveillance complies with the US and other countries policies and practices, especially when it comes to combatting terrorism attacks.

Once passed, the anti-terror law would entail that authorities will get access to the encryption keys of tech companies, creating “back doors” within their systems, granting access to the government – an idea that fears the US government.

President Barack Obama urged the country to change the statute, directly addressing the Chinese president, a statement that Fu Ying, China’s National People’s Congress, spokeswoman regarded as proposal misinterpretation. She further states that the law in fact, prioritizes cyber security.

Source: CS Online

Computer-ErrorThe year 2014 marked the widest cybercrime cases in the U.S. – a situation that calls for a tighter cyber security in all aspects of cyberprocesses. Peak 10, a designed cloud computing and data center, discusses the major highlights of cyber security in 2014 and what it takes to be safer and secured in 2015. The webinar will discuss what user gets from the past cyber attacks and how to combat them in the future, especially through social media. It also discusses new protection initiatives for mobile device users. Peak 10 aims to deliver a safer and secured online community for future generations.

Source: PR News Wire


5 Chinese Military vs Hacking

Computer-WarningRecently, the U.S. government formally indicted 5 members of the Chinese military with criminal hacking charges. This marks a significant boom of what has been a large war of words amongst the two countries officials. Many experts see that the indictments were long overdue. The U.S. government officials as well as security experts have long believed that China is a large source state-sponsored cyber-attack against military, the U.S. government and corporate networks. During the past several years, China has had many in-soil hackers who are believed to have taken data from the industrial and military sectors in the United States. For more information regarding this, go to the source.

Source: Computer World

mail2Microsoft has been sued by a British journalist, Kevin Cahill, who claimed that the firm has handed the communication information of UK users to US officials. He said that the tech firm has breached UK laws because it has handed British citizen information to US authorities. This data includes information on communication metadata as well as those from the users’ emails. How true? Let’s check out the full story from the source.

Source: PC Pro