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onlinesecure4Most Americans prefer online shopping this holiday for convenience. But there are tips to consider in order to stay safe when shopping online. Among these tips, include using secured connections and not the free Wi-Fi’s. Also, make sure to you use legitimate websites and official apps. When paying for online purchases, use credit cards and not debit cards. You can also use online payments using your phone, as they are safe from duplication. When using your phone, make sure that it is properly locked for safety. And the last but not the least, make sure that you check you statement of accounts and report any suspicious transactions immediately.

Source: USA Today

Computer-WarningOnline shopping is such a big hit today due to its convenience. However, it also opens an avenue for cybercriminals to take part, especially with huge amount of money at stake. Here are few practical tips for a safe online shopping.

First, you need to stick with your trusted brand – the one with good reputation when it comes to online selling and customer satisfaction. Next, use credit card for more secured payment, as debit cards are more vulnerable.  It is advised to use secured websites, the ones with https URL and a symbol of padlock for safety. Do not give in to impossible offers and make sure to use secured connections instead of Wi-Fi.

Source: We Live Security


Computer-WarningMost experts are warning the public of Wi-Fi hotspots that are managed by experienced hackers. This report is yet the ever-continuing series of the “Hacking of America” that greatly indicates the vulnerability of public networks like those in New York City’s Time Square. Expert security authorities warn the public of the need to be extra cautious when connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots at any popular tourist destinations across the country.

These networks would surely be able to expose your identity online. One warning precaution that one should be reminded of is the word “free”. NBC’s Tom Costello did share his insights on how an individual can protect their security online. For more information regarding this post, go to the source.

Source: Today

MailIdentity theft is often the most disastrous thing that could happen when shopping online. With the large number of people preferring this method of buying items, experts have identified the risks as well as the solutions to common online fraud.

Chances of becoming a victim is reduced when shoppers avoid to shop via links sent to emails no matter how legitimate they look like. It is safer to access the site itself by typing the address on the browser. The set of tips also advices not to shop using free Wi-Fi establishments that may be harvesting information and to use credit cards instead of debit cards that are linked to other banking accounts.

Taking these controllable measures will ensure a safer online shopping experience.

Source: Wicked Local Newsbank

computer2Chromebooks are widely used especially for low-cost machines since they have pre-installed protecting system. Since they are internet-based, it is very critical to keep it safe from malware or viruses. One of the best ways to keep your Chromebooks safe is by using a VPN.  VPN protects you every time you use a public Wi-Fi or any unsecured connection that are vulnerable to hackers. Chromebooks support L2TP over IPsec with PSK, L2TP over IPsec with certificate-based authentication and OpenVPN.  You can also use the Guest Mode feature of your machine. You can ask other users to log in as guest to your machine so they won’t have access to your personal account while using the internet. Lastly, stay aware.

Source: PC Mag

globe2It may sound funny for most people, but it’s true to approximately 1.2 billion passwords and username combinations that used “pass1234” as their passwords and that have been hacked by Russian online criminals. Concerns on stolen information and personal credentials are getting serious nowadays. Experts warned online users not to use public-shared Wi-Fi, unsecured links and easy-to-guess passwords. Users are also encouraged to keep their anti-virus updated and change their passwords as frequent as possible.

These online criminals are targeting anyone else, including the most secured Fortune 500 companies around the world. What can ordinary user do? Follow experts’ advice: security awareness.

Source: Gazette Times

NBC Sochi Hacking Incident

globe2Recently, NBC have reported that they were attacked by cybercriminals at the ongoing Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Experts say that NBC wasn’t even there at Sochi and that they were at Moscow when the incident happened. Regardless of the location, NBC News’ experienced is still the same, a hacker attack. It still happened while they were checking Olympic themed websites as they were willingly or might have accidentally downloaded unfriendly Android applications. Though reports maybe true, it still has nothing to with public Wi-Fi connections around Sochi. Robert Graham even stressed at the Errata Security that it might be because of the geo-location information given to Google. For more on this, go to the source.

Source: Engadget

Making Wi-Fi Safe

computer2Today, people are into Wi-Fi hotspots. They would always take advantage of spots or locations where they can connect to the web. These hotspots are often unsecured and open which make them vulnerable to attacks from viruses and malware. Connecting to it is truly worth a lot of risk. In this post, you’d get to know how you could ensure that the Wi-Fi hotspot you’re connecting to is secure enough. First thing that you can do is to select the most secured connection. Normally, secure connections use encryptions before you can connect to them. To know more about this, go to the source.

Source: ItProPortal