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This is very important even if you are busy take a few minutes to browse through this article and find out if you are unsecured.  If you are unsecured its time to take action because all signs read DANGER and you definitely don’t want to be a Victim!

If you don’t have time to read through the top 3  software providing total security and peace of mind include;

Bitdefender Total Securite $67.00, Steganos Privacy Suite $67.00, Steganos Internet Anonym $97.00.

You may find them a little pricey but when you get an attack I can bet you will be spending alot more to get the problem sorted or purchase a new Computer! If you have spent so much money buying that top range computer or growing your business make sure you are Secured!
Consequences of  being UnSecured

1. Your Identity Could be Stolen

If you have signed up to lots of sites you are most likely to use one password for all of them so it’s easy to remember. If the hackers get into one account then you are in great danger as they could try to access all your other accounts using the same password.

Identity thieves can do a lot of things with your account and here are a few: Use your identity to access your Bank Accounts , Access important/confidential information from  Social Networking Sites, Delete  your Accounts, For Emails – spamming your contacts, send your contacts emails containing adwares

Things that could leave you open to Attack

– Leaving the login page’s “Remember my password“ checked.

– Forgetting to logout (especially if you’re in a cyber cafe)

– Website Spoofed/Phished – you have normally entered your username and password into a website whose design is adopted to the website you should be in, like Yahoo! These fake websites can even have the same URL as the target website.

– Accessing a computer with Keylogger installed on it

2. Your Computer Could Crash

This is the aftermath of having so many viruses, spyware and adware inside your system. These viruses and spywares are often times than not,  from programs downloaded or from storage gadgets inserted to your computer.

Adwares like spywares install themselves. They typically display advertisements once you go online. And this slows down your computer.

If you have  a lot of important personal and work files  you would be out of your wits knowing that you have lost months and maybe years work!

3. Denial of Service (DoS) Attack

This is the most unfortunate thing that can happen to any organization with operations running through Internet.

Denial of Service (DoS) Attack is the pursuit of making a computer deprived of doing its usual tasks and its services unavailable to its users. Where most of the victims of this attack are those sites such as banks, credit card payment gateways, etc.

Hacking can be considered as a culprit of such consequence. Stay secured with Steganos Internet Anonym.

4. Loss of Business leading to Bankruptcy

Apart from Internet thieves out there, who are masters of working their way into your computer network through whatever means they can think of, having bad data back-up habits can  contribute to the failure of a business. Bitdefender Total Security has a very good online backup facility.

With data as the core of any business, a simple backup could save your business from breaking down.

5. Public humiliation

We’ve all heard of scandals which spreads like fungus. Some celebrities even ordinary people have been a victim of this. With their personal, confidential and most personal photos and videos of them exposed on the Internet without them knowing is a total turn down. If you run a business that could be victim to this we recommend Steganos Privacy Suite.

Okay don’t say we didn’t warn you the ball is in your court.

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Online Security Guide