Computer-WarningOnline security is now everyone’s concern. With large businesses being hacked, it is much more of a challenge especially for small businesses. However, there are free and flexible online security tools for small businesses to strengthen their online security.

These online security tools help you secure data, lines of communication, network connection, filter your emails and safeguard your passwords. These tools include Surveillance Self-Defense, Open Threat Exchange, GnuPG, Hotspot Shield, Tor Project, tails OS, Boxcryptor, ProtonMail, Vera Crypt, QualysFreeScan, Onion Share, HTTPS Everywhere, Guardin Project, Ghostery, Mitro,  Wicker, OpenDNS, CloudFare,,   TripWireSecureScan, Burp Suite, OWASP, Samurai Web Testing Framework, and Silent Circle.

Source: Practical Commerce