phish1This morning I received an email looking like it was sent my Microsoft alerting me about a critical update for Microsoft Outlook. The Microsoft updates are normally automatic so I got suspicious.

Hovering my mouse over the link my suspicion was confirmed. It’s an advanced phishing attempt to lure information from the recipients of this email.

Phishing Attemt - Click for larger image

Phishing Attempt - Click for larger image

If you would proceed downloading this code it will NOT update your Outlook software, but instead install malicious code on your computer.

The so called Trojan that’s installed is created to gather sensitive personal information, log in names and passwords. The trojan will watch you visit major banks, facebook accounts, Myspace and Youtube.

Never click on links in emails that you aren’t familiar with. You can read more about Phisihing here.

Keep safe!

Peter – Your Online Security Guide