Scammers can easily use Google Docs to phish for passwords and sensitive information. Here are a few email campaigns spammed out, attempting to trick users into handing over their confidential data.

If you click on the link, it’s clearly an attempt to phish information from internet users. The page falsely claims that your email accountwill be shut down in three days and the only way it claims you can resolve the situation is by entering your username and password.

The email asks the recipient to confirm their email account details or risk having it shut down.

Failure to provide details correctly will result to immediate closure of your mailbox account from our database.

The link points to a page on Google Docs ( That gives the link a false aura of legitimacy. But what the link can’t do is tell you whether the Google account holder is legitimate or up to no good.

Before you know it, your email account will be compromised. And if that username/password combination is being used elsewhere on the web or if – as is the case with Google – your details unlock a variety of services, then the security breach is compounded.

Source: Sophos