A while back we published an article on what’s phishing?

The official Google blog has now published a few tips on how to avoid phishing attempts on your computer.

In summary:

– Don’t reply to or click on links in emails that ask for personal, financial, or account information.
–  Check the message headers. The From: address and the Return-path should reference the same source.
–  Instead of clicking the links in emails, go to the websites directly by typing the web address into your browser, cut and paste or use bookmarks.
–  If on a secure page, look for “https” at the begging of the URL and the padlock icon in the browser.
–  Keep your computer’s antivirus, spyware, browser, and security patches up to date and regularly run system scans.
–  Review your accounts regularly and check for unauthorized activity.
–  Use a browser that has a phishing filter (Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera).

Read the Google article on Phishing here

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