A study conducted in 1999 says that around one of every four minors (15 years old and older) had unintentional exposure to explicit images on the net*.   At around 2003, a 90% increase was seen in kids aged 8-16 who had viewed pornography sites**.

These numbers represent a minor percentage of the imminent threats that sprout from unsupervised online activity by our young.  Phishing, exposure to explicit online content, identity theft, and others comprise the other risks arising from a child’s lack of internet guidance.

With our knowledge of these threats and its possible effects, ensuring our child’s online protection seems to be aloof.  A resource as vast as the internet cannot be deprived from our kids, as it also has great potential in rearing their intellectual prowess.

Options are available to parents to avoid these hazards. Coaching your child is a good tactic against such perils.  Reminding them about being discreet about their identity and not disclosing important information online makes a difference in this aspect.  But is this enough to give you peace of mind?

The best way to take care of the situation would be to manage the information that our children access online. A reliable way to manage their online activity is to explore the use of a parental control software.  These generally work as your own security measure against online risks and threats.

An excellent start is installing the Safe4kidz parental control software.  Safe4kidz is an online protection wizard targeted towards protecting kids aged 4-12 years of old, as they are more vulnerable to online hazards.  This software constricts harmful sites, while allowing you the flexibility to manage the beneficial sites for your children.   Other features include:

  • One stop installation. Requires a 1-stop installation process and lets you manage all PCs from one location.
  • Website protection. Lets you block social applications you don’t want your child to use and includes protection from use proxy servers.
  • Online Safety. Encrypted and prevents software uninstallation, blocks credit card entry, and has the ability to block online shopping.
  • Reports. Sets access times for websites and provides reports for activity logs.

These are just simple steps to protect your child from unwanted online content and harmful sites.  Let your guidance steer your child to a safer, more secure online activity.

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*.(Finkelhor, Mitchell, and Wolak, Online Victimization, p. 13-14.)

** (“Pornography Statistics 2003,” Internet Filter Review, 2004, <>, (12 January 2004)