Bitdefender®, the creator of one of the world’s fastest and most effective lines of internationally certified internet security software, has released a free removal tool that detects and eliminates infections caused by the Duqu.A rootkit, a piece of malware that has been touted as being the successor of the notorious Stuxnet worm.


“Although the Duqu rootkit has been attributed to the Stuxnet gang, we believe the two e-threats are completely unrelated,” said Catalin Cosoi, Head of the Bitdefender Online Threats Lab at Bitdefender. “Stuxnet has been successfully reverse-engineered and its code was published online earlier this year.


Now, Stuxnet is serving as a source of inspiration for other cyber-criminal gangs. That code is serving as open source for the virus community, basically addingmillions of dollars in value to the virus community’s R&D.”