Returnil is committed to putting an end to the scourge of malware. It is their goal that they stand up at the crack of dawn, work till sundown, and then start again the next day with a smile on their face as they know they are having a real effect.

Returnil System Safe Pro 2011 is taking the world of malware by storm and proving that the traditional solutions, single layer security are doomed to obscurity. Many of you are still struggling however with current licenses expensive in an era of real economic stress, and the budget simply will not allow you to completely revamp your entire security strategy.

For this reason, Returnil is proud to announce the launch of Returnil Virtual System Pro 2011. Due to clients’ needs, they decided to return to their roots to create a strict virtualization solution to close the gap in security at an attractive price  with the following benefits:

*High performance: Its award winning virtualization technology is so light that you will not even notice its pretense. Plug this technology into your current lineup and get a real idea of how all the features can significantly improve your security while reducing licensing costs.

*Unprecedented protection from malware: Your current antivirus is expensive but not perfect; otherwise, your IT team would not be making all the visits that are eating into your budget. And if that solution was worth the price you are paying for its use, at least it should be able to remove everything it detects. With Returnil Virtual System Pro 2011, even if your antivirus does not detect the malware, a simple reboot of the computer will ensure it is removed – no need to call your IT team, you’ll have a clean system ready for the day’s work. Imagine the savings of man-hours and begin to envision what Returnil System Safe Pro 2011 will do for you when you can get rid of excess baggage you have been carrying all these years.

* Roll back unwanted changes: How many times has your team had to take the time to diagnose and repair a laptop that has just returned from the last convention or road trip? Unauthorized content, mysterious programs, spyware, rogues, advertising, etc. Why go through the expense, falling productivity, and costs associated with taking the equipment out of production? With Returnil Virtual System Pro 2011, when the user turns off the computer, it automatically cleans any changes in order to secure a fully functional and productive tool for employees.

* Preserve what matters: Returnil Virtual System Pro 2011 not only includes award winning feature in system-level virtualization for Windows ®, it also includes the newly upgraded File Manager which backups files automatically. Whether you need intensive minute-by-minute updating your data or just want to make sure that your documents are securely stored on your hard drive every time you log out or turn off the computer, Returnil Virtual System Pro 2011 has you covered.

* Reduce Management overhead while increasing your control: You invested heavily in your computer, but find it more difficult to maintain your equipment in a poor economy, that you may even have to reduce staff.  RVS Pro 2011 has a way of doing more with less. RVS reduces the need for staff to fix the infected computers. It also increases your control over what is allowed to be installed on the computer either by purpose or by stealth with far greater confidence on the availability of your equipment. Times are hard enough, Returnil will show why the malware development world fears widespread adoption of its solutions.

*Advanced, Centralized, and Remote Management:  Just like the Returnil System Safe Pro 2011 series, Returnil Virtual System Pro 2011 takes advantage of its Returnil Commander Management Console which allows your team to manage client computers from anywhere they can access the Internet. There is no need to rush to the office, just log in to the console and take care of business. Imagine the savings in call-out time alone.

For some reason, you and your team are not ready to replace the entire line-up of your security solutions, but you are still running in an endless series of infection investigations, reimaging and re-mediations, while failing to see the effects of the level of protection that was promised but not delivered. Returnil Virtual System Pro 2011 will deliver a level of protection your other solutions are simply unable to provide, and it will give you the real reason to whistle while you work!

What you can get in the  Returnil Virtual System Pro 2011

Virtual Mode – creates a virtual system while keeping the system hidden from malware or changes

Anti-run – either allows programs to run normally or trusts only the files from real disk to execute

File Protection – prevents malware from accessing protected files and folders on  non-system disks at kernel level, regardless of any Windows settings

File Manager with Autosave – saves documents from virtual to real system to ensure that they survive a reboot at intervals as frequent as every minute to once every 24 hours. Also, never worry that you may forget that the Virtual Mode is active by enabling auto-saving at account log-off and/or computer shutdown.

Virtual Disk – permanent safe storage location for all your data

Customer Preferences – password-protected client settings to prevent unauthorized use

Returnil Commander – Web-based console for advanced client management