bd_ts_10Hello There!

The world’s leading company in providing the best security solution  Bitdefender has recently released BitDefender 2010.

Proudly answering to to their millions of consumers’ demand – Maximum Protection, Usability at Maximum Speed !

The latest version offers  maximum protection for home  (see new parental reporting system below) or business and secures your PC from the new and fast-evolving internet security threats such as viruses, rootkits, spam and more, gaining a step ahead of the competition.

Whats really new in Bitdefender 2010 you may ask?

1. Active Virus Control NEW!

  • Programs running on your computer are monitored 24/7 and any malware-like actions are noted.  If enough malicious behaviors are detected the program that ran them is declared harmful and blocked before it can causes damage to your computer.

2. Usage Profiles NEW!

  • New user profiles feature  that allows you to choose the profile that best suits your needs  – Typical, Parent or Gamer.  (first in the industry!)

3. Parental Reporting System (Available in Internet Security and Total Security 2010 only) NEW!

  • Allows you to view what websites your children visit.
  • The monitoring is made more effective as you can receive email alerts concerning each childs activity on the internet.
  • You can Set Specific time intervals for your children to use internet or specific applications.

4. Intrusion Detection NEW!

  • Bitdefender 2010 will detect and block any attempt to change critical system files or registry entries on your PC.
  • Warns you about attacks performed by code injection.

5. Faster Scanning Time Reduced by Half NEW!

  • Bitdefender 2010 now avoids scanning files that are know to be safe. Thus enhancing speed and reducing  System load.  Now achieving scan in half the time of the previous version.

helpimage6. Improved In-Product Technical Support

  • You can now get answers to the most common support questions or contact technical support directly from the product using its new self-service module.

This is what we have all been waiting for a Security program that provides what we really need without slowing us down!

Check out more on  BitDefender 2010 here

Everybody is up for it, don’t miss out and get yourself, your PC, your home or business and your life the superior protection in the land – Purchase or Upgrade to BitDefender 2010 now!

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Online Security Guide