Those who are not familiar with PayPal Phishing Scams could easily fall in the trap because the layout and theme is somewhat similar to PayPal. Antiphishing software can be used to help recognize such scams.

This PayPal Phishing Scam involves a link on which the users must click to supposedly update and verify their account.

The text and the links in the email look legitimate but the links actually point to a dangerous location. If you get an email like this, remember that this is a BIG lie. This is how it looks when you open it:

The scammers even spoof the email address []. This fraudulent email, as you can see below, even contains the domain in the email address so that it appears to be directly from PayPal. You can only verify if the e-mail address was spoofed by checking the email header which most novice users might not even know how to. The actual URL (Internet Address) of this fraudulent email is:

Never click on any suspicious links, some of these links might point to a website that installs virus or spyware and users should avoid filling up forms asking for personal information.

Source: SoftwareCasa